About Me

I am a third grade teacher living in Kansas, though my heart will always be in Texas. I spend my "extra" time cooking, baking, reading, planning for my classroom and spending time with my son and husband. My ten-year-old son, Cameron loves to cook with me and wants to be a chef when he grows up. We spend a lot of quality time together in our teeny-tiny kitchen.

I started blogging because I love talking about food. I could sit and discuss food for hours at a time. I am using my blog as a way to get out of the cooking and baking "hole" I had been in. I love looking for new recipes and trying new things so this is a way to share all of my good (and not so good)experiences in my kitchen. I can't even tell you how many new recipes I have made since I started blogging. I don't share them all because some are too much of a disaster, but most I do. I also am using my blog as a challenge regarding my writing and food photography skills. These are areas in which I really struggle, but feel that I can improve if I push myself.

For me, there is no bigger compliment than someone loving what I have cooked for them. It fills my heart with an indescribable joy! Them asking for the recipe so they can cook/bake it themselves is putting the "cherry on top."

Please leave a comment if you see a recipe that looks yummy or if you actually try one of the recipes. I promise...you will make my day!

Thanks for stopping by!