Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chocolate Mint Water, Goodbye Diet Coke and My New Friend Stevia

It's official.  I have not had a Diet Coke in two weeks now.  I am a fiend when it comes to this wonderfully delicious, bad for you drink.  Early Morning Large $.99 large drinks and Happy Hour at Sonic are some of my favorite times of the day.  I am addicted to the drink. 

I decided to stop drinking it once and for all.  At least I said, "Let's see how long I can go without one."  I have known for a long time now that aspartame is terrible for you.  It's poison on our systems but my family and I consume it in great quantities.  After I watched this video (see below) on Underground Wellness on YouTube, I knew that I needed to make some changes. 

 I have to say, water is very boring especially when you are used to the fizzy flavorful soda.  I have found something that helps break up the boredom of plain water.  Liquid Stevia.  Flavored Liquid Stevia to be exact.  I bought some chocolate flavored liquid stevia the other day not really knowing what to expect. I knew what I was going of my favorite flavor combinations- mint and chocolate. My plan was to use the chocolate stevia and some crushed mint leaves (from my potted plant) and make some healthy, no calorie, flavorful water.  My plan was successful.  This water is wonderful!  I add four drops and about 4 or 5 mint leaves to my glass of water and I have a refreshing beverage.  It is not Diet Coke by any means but for now it is helping.  If only they would make a Diet Coke flavored liquid stevia!  Boy, would I be in heaven!

AND, my son LOVES it!

I have to figure out the easiest and most painless way to cut the soda completely out of my son's diet
(not going to happen with hubby).  Ughhhh..... It's going to be a fight, but it has to be fought.

The bottles are pretty expensive.  I paid $15.  I can rationalize the expense in many ways: 
1.  We will be healthier without the soda and aspartame 
2.  I am not making daily runs to Sonic 
3.  I am not buying Diet Coke by the case. 
4.  It doesn't take much and my water becomes sweet and flavored.  It should last a while. 

If you would like to learn more about the dangers of aspartame there is tons of info out there.  I recently found Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness.  He has videos on YouTube about health and wellness.  He is very informative.  You ought to check him out! 

Here is a video that he made about Stevia.

I would love to hear from those of you that are going through some similar challenges. 

Let me know if you watch some Underground Wellness videos.

Let me know if you try or use the liquid stevia. 

Wish me luck.  Everyday, I want a Diet Coke.  I have not given into the temptation, but I can make no promises.  Everyday, I want a Diet Coke.

I have gone 4 weeks without Diet Coke.  The first week or two was very difficult, but it has gotten much easier.  I still have cravings if I eat certain things.  AND my son stopped drinking sodas all on his force involved on my part!  I am so proud of him taking charge of his health like he is and making good, healthy decisions.  He is only 11 by the way.  Pretty impressive, huh???

I have linked up this post to Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade.  Come check out all of the great ideas and recipes!


  1. I totally get you. I love, love, love diet coke. I gave it up a while back too and I still totally crave it. I am pretty much JUST on water now, it's just too expensive to buy other stuff.

    It's funny, you know how you'll see a commercial for like a burger, fries and coke? It's the COKE that sucks me in now!! Another weird thing, I was in a restaurant getting seated and I walked by a table where a dude had a tall fresh coke and it looked SO good to me! You'd think that it would be the FOOD that would make you drool but for us diet coke fans, it was the drink. Bizarre.

  2. This is very intersting. I haven't heard about this drop before, but the clip you put in is very educational. I'll check into it at Whole Foods. Thanks for the post, I learned something today :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Debbi and Cristie. I have learned a lot by watching these videos.

  4. Debbi, certain foods that I eat signal my brain for the need of Diet Coke. It IS totally bizarre! I love it!

  5. That's so great Daphne! I went through a similar thing with Splenda. I don't drink soda but tons of tea - iced and hot. I drink my tea plain now. I tried Stevia and didn't like it. It tasted 'wierd' to me. But this chocolate one sounds good. Keep us posted on how your doing. Happy 4th and have a great weekend!

  6. I quit drinking soda a few years ago-its tough at first, but not now. If I try to drink it now, it tastes horrible to me. Too sweet! I use stevia for my coffee and iced tea, and I drink a lot of plain soda water with a little bit of cranberry juice and some mint leaves in it. It gives me that carbonated zing, but isn't as bad for you, especially if you use 'pure' unprocessed cranberry juice.

  7. That's great that your son quit with you as well. I think it's actually easier to quit drinking soda when you are younger. I was very into sports growing up, and my coaches never wanted us to have pop, so starting in high school I just got used to not drinking it. My husband loves Coke, but he knows he can't have it in the house, so its more of a special occasion thing for him. On the rare occasion that I do drink it now, I can't stand it. It feels like it is burning my throat. It will get easier to avoid it as time passes!